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Why supporting Canadian Family Suppliers Matters!

This weekend I sat down to read the latest edition of Marketing Edge Magazine that arrived in my mail box on Friday, as I turned to page 8 I was stopped in my tracks by the big bold heading on the page; Canadians for Canadians. Obviously I thought about the header on my own website; […]


Proud Member of PPPC

I have been attending the PPPC Ontario Chapter monthly meetings back to when we were called SAAC Ontario in 1984. I’ve met many interesting people thru the chapter meetings that are still friends and clients of mine today. The monthly Ontario Chapter events have always provided the perfect venue for members to network with their […]


In winter there’s nothing more Canadian than….

The TOQUE!   Ok maybe Hockey, but we wear toques to attend the games! Ice Fishing that’s Canadian and we wear toques when we’re doing that too. Skiing/Snowboarding that’s pretty Canadian and yes we wear toques when we ski/snowboard (although we should wear a helmet on the slopes).  Months of shoveling snow only to have […]